Val Kilmer Describes 2-Year Cancer Battle and Its Toll on His Body in Revealing Interview

The "Top Gun" star, whose voice is now reduced to a rasp, appeared with his two children.

Hollywood actor Val Kilmer is opening up about his two-year battle with throat cancer.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the 57-year-old revealed how the disease has taken a toll on him.

His voice, which made him a sought-after leading man in such 80s and 90s films as Top Gun, Tombstone and Batman Forever, has been reduced to a rasp after a procedure on his trachea. He often appears to be short of breath.

Seated next to his two children, Mercedes and Jack, Kilmer played a question and answer game, but could barely speak.

He initially denied he had cancer after Michael Douglas revealed Kilmer’s medical crisis.

Even with the cancer diagnosis, Kilmer said in the interview that he is optimistic about the future, and says he was once too uptight about his job.

“I was too serious," he admitted. "I'd get upset when things like Oscars and recognition failed to come my way. I would like to have more Oscars than anybody. Meryl Streep must feel pretty good, you know? It must feel nice to know that everyone loves her. It's about being loved."

Now, the Heat actor admits he likes to keep things light.