Victim in Michigan Trump Witness Mellissa Carone’s 2018 Obscenity Charge Speaks Out

In 2018, Mellissa Carone was charged with obscenity for allegedly emailing sexually explicit videos to Jessica Stackpoole, Carone’s fiance’s ex-wife.

Last week, an IT contractor for Dominion Voting Systems was called upon by the Trump campaign to testify at a Michigan hearing on so-called voter fraud. Video of Mellissa Carone’s over-the-top testimony, which included accusations that she saw “hundreds if not thousands of dead people vote,” soon went viral, and she was lampooned on “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend. 

But Inside Edition spoke with a woman who doesn’t find anything funny about Carone at all. Jessica Stackpoole, 44, told Inside Edition that she has been in court with Carone over the past three years “probably 40-50 times.”

It all stems from a 2018 case in which Carone was charged with obscenity for allegedly emailing sexually explicit videos to Stackpoole, who is Carone’s fiance’s ex-wife.

"There were three different video clips, they are approximately three to seven minutes long,” Stackpoole told Inside Edition.

Carone pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, which was dismissed earlier this year after she completed probation.

When asked about her reaction to seeing Carone on TV, Stackpoole said, "I cried because I knew this was going to bring up all kinds of stuff. I knew people were going to try to discredit her and I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before someone started digging into her criminal stuff and then all of the last three years of my life would be brought to the surface."

As for whether or not the Carone in the viral clip was the “real Mellissa,” Stackpoole said, “100%, yes. That’s her every day. That is Mellissa Carone.” Stackpoole has created a GoFundMe account, hoping to recoup money she says she has lost as a result of this case.   

Carone has denied the allegations.