Victoria's Secret Model Jumps Rope Outside In-N-Out Burger: 'No Excuses'

Kelly Gale is facing backlash for appearing to shame diners inside the fast-food chain.

A Victoria's Secret model is accused of trying to shame diners at an In-N-Out burger Wednesday, jumping rope outside the restaurant in a bizarre stunt she later posted on social media.

Kelly Gale showed off her rock hard abs, giving customers inside a front-row view as she skipped over the rope.

“No excuses,” she posted on Instagram. “Not gonna pretend I was eating here.”

But the workout in front of the burger spot in Monterey, California, is causing backlash. 

“Way to make people around you feel very uncomfortable,” was one comment. 

“Were you trying to guilt-trip their customers?” said another.

But one fan was inspired, writing,“I need to get on this level.”

Gale does admit she has a guilty pleasure when it comes to food, and once took to YouTube to say she is “addicted” to vegan raw chocolate and peanut butter.