Video Shows Police Saving Man After He Sets Fire to Chicago 'L' Car in Suicide Attempt: Cops

Surveillance video shows the man threatening suicide being dragged from a train after setting fire to the car.

Newly released surveillance video shows a man threatening suicide being dragged to safety after he sets fire to a Chicago train car, police said.

The footage, taken from different angles inside a city 'L' train, shows a cop with his hands raised while talking with the man, who is holding a can of flammable liquid that was believed to be paint thinner.

The officer tries to kick the container out of the man's hand and then scuffles with him, the video shows.

Other officers enter the Red Line car stopped at Argyle Avenue and grapple with the man, later identified as David Ferguson, 28, and ultimately push him to the ground. Seconds later, orange flames ignite and police drag Ferguson from the car as the growing fire licks their feet and sends clouds of black smoke across the car.

One police officer was treated for burns to his feet, and a transit employee suffered smoke inhalation, authorities said. A female passenger told investigators that Ferguson had thrown liquid that smelled like paint thinner on her, but she was not injured.

Ferguson has been charged with aggravated arson and aggravated battery and is being held without bail for the incident that occurred last month, according to the Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Transit Authority recently released the video footage.