Viral Challenge Has People Making Themselves Sound Like Car Alarms

Playing How to Do the 'Car Alarm Challenge'

The "Car Alarm Challenge" has people doing their best to mimic the sound of a car alarm all across the internet

The trend, which was reportedly started by 22-year-old Peyton Gibson from Utah, has gone viral, and kids and adults are all joining in on the fun. 

"I was in a group chat with a bunch of friends and the awesome things they can do. How they are awesome bullriders…just these cool things I can’t do," Gibson told "I told them I can make a car alarm sound and they’re like 'ok you have to show us now' so I put it on twitter I didn’t think it would become a big deal."

Gibson’s video has been retweeted more than 90,000 times.

In numerous videos posted online, participants essentially perform a chopping motion on their necks while screaming to break up their yell. 

The trend seems quite alarming, if we do say so ourselves.


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