Triangle Challenge: Why the Latest Viral Dance Craze Is Harder Than It Looks

The Shiggy was a piece of cake compared to this one.

Your two best friends better be coordinated, because the Triangle is way harder than it looks.

Trios everywhere are taking on the new viral dance craze – and get ready to grab some friends because you can’t do this one alone.

The Triangle Dance challenge starts with three people holding each other by the shoulders, standing in triangle formation. Then, they take turns jumping between each other, which coincidentally also forces dancers to be jumping into three corners of an imaginary triangle.

If that sounds complicated, the actual dance itself is unfortunately even harder. While a group of fourth-graders and a Zumba class seemed to nail it easily, the cast of "Live With Kelly and Ryan" didn’t seem to have as smooth of a first go.

This follows on the toes of other viral dance challenges, like the Baseline Challenge, the Level Up Challenge, the #LiLo Challenge and, most famous of all, the Shiggy.