Volcanic Eruption in May Leads to 92 Earthquakes in the Congo Over the Weekend

Mount Nyiragongo
Getty Images

Mount Nyiragongo erupted last month and continues to endanger the lives of nearby community members.

Last month, the Mount Nyiragongo Volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo erupted, leaving 32 dead and a subsequent evacuation of the nearby city of Goma. 

The effects of the eruption are still being felt, as 92 earthquakes and tremors were recorded over the weekend. 

Goma is not the only area to be affected. Kigali, the capital of Rwanda is almost 65 miles away, but is reported to have experienced the tremors as well. 

According to BBC, the volcano continues to pose a threat. In addition to the shift of plates that are causing the tremors, the chances of a limnic eruption — an eruption from under the lake that can trigger the release of a lethal cloud of gas — or other volcanic activity is likely.

Because the danger of the Nyiragongo volcano is completely predictable, residents of Goma are urged to take continued precaution.

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