Volunteers Remodel Colorado Woman's Bathroom After It Was Destroyed by Contractor in Viral Video

Several contractors were so upset about the viral video, they banded together to give Amber Trucke the bathroom of her dreams, completely free of charge.

A Colorado woman whose contractor destroyed a tile shower over what he said was a payment dispute is speaking out about the incident and showing off her newly renovated bathroom to Inside Edition.

"He was in such a rage that he just didn't stop. He just kept going and going and going," homeowner Amber Trucke tells Inside Edition. 

She was talking about the now-viral video showing contractor Terry Gregory taking a sledgehammer to the shower walls and tile floor after he says Trucke refused to fully pay him for the work. 

“We put weeks into this...thousands of dollars into this,” Gregory says in the footage. 

"Sir, sir. Please stop. Please stop,” Trucke’s neighbor, who was behind the camera, tells Gregory.

“Is somebody gonna pay me?” Gregory says.

“Sir, I'm just asking you to stop. It's not your house to destroy,” the neighbor says.

Trucke says Gregory blew up after she told him she was dissatisfied with his work and refused to pay the full amount until she could inspect the finished job.

"This is my property. This is my property. I have receipts for everything,” Gregory says in the video.

“I do understand that,” the neighbor says.

“No you f****** don’t,” Gregory replies.

Trucke says it took her “four or five days” before she could watch the video in its entirety. 

“Every time I saw it, I just got sick to my stomach,” Trucke said.

Toward the end of the video, Gregory says, “Let me tell you something. No contractor in the state of Colorado will fix that.”

But it turns out, that’s not quite true. Several contractors were so upset about the video, they banded together to give Trucke the bathroom of her dreams, completely free of charge.

Jason McDaniel flew in all the way from Oregon to oversee the makeover.

“There is never a circumstance where it is OK for someone to be violent in somebody else's home or in somebody else's presence for that matter,” McDaniel said.

While there, Inside Edition investigative correspondent Lisa Guerrero lent a helping hand. As the contractors continued the remodeling job, we found Gregory and his wife in a parking lot.

"Sir, why did you take a sledgehammer to Amber Trucke's bathroom?" Guerrero asked the contractor.

“Cause she refused to pay us,” Gregory said. 

“That's not true, she paid you over $3,000. You didn’t complete the work,” Guerrero replied.

“No comment,” the husband and wife said as they got into their vehicle.

A few weeks later, the volunteer work was completed.

“I never thought a month ago that this bathroom would ever be this beautiful, but these guys did such a good job,” Trucke said.

Gregory’s company previously said that communication with the homeowner had broken down, adding that an incident like it had never happened before and was not their regular practice. 

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