Waffle House Hero James Shaw Jr. Raises $150,000 for Shooting Victims

James Shaw Jr. has been dubbed 'Tennessee's Hero' for his selfless act.

The man who has been dubbed the hero of Sunday's Waffle House shooting is now part of an effort to do more for the families of victims.

James Shaw Jr., who managed to disarm the shooter after he'd killed four and injured four others in the Tennessee restaurant, is raising money for the grieving families.

As of Thursday morning, the GoFundMe campaign had raised over $150,000. That's more than 10 times the original goal.

As the Nashville-area Waffle House re-opened, a spokesperson for the restaurant chain said proceeds from the next month of sales at the store will go to the families.

Meanwhile, an even more successful fundraiser to benefit Shaw has raised over $175,000 since Monday.

Even before his successful fundraiser, James Shaw Jr. was dubbed "Tennessee's Hero" by state lawmakers.

"You were confronted with the most unspeakable evil imaginable and you acted with the utmost honor, heroism imaginable," Rep. Jason Powell told Shaw, according to ABC News. "And I want to say, James Shaw Jr., you are my hero and you are Tennessee's hero."

Shaw's friend, Brandon McMurry, was similarly honored for his role in helping to stop the nude gunman who'd entered the restaurant early Sunday and opened fire with an AR-15.

The suspect, 29-year-old Travis Reinking, was arrested Monday afternoon. He's since been charged with four counts of criminal homicide.