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How the Waffle House Gunman Was Taken Down

Security expert Steve Kardian demonstrated James Shaw Jr.'s heroic actions.

He's the man who wrestled the gun away from alleged Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking in Tennessee, and his heroic actions may have saved lives.

James Shaw Jr. risked his life to save others as shots rang out at the restaurant early Sunday morning. 

"I think anybody could have did what I did," he said during a press conference Monday as he fought back tears.

Following his speech, Shaw was embraced by Waffle House CEO Walt Ehmer. 

Shaw suffered burns as he grabbed the gun and is recovering. His hand was bandaged as he spoke.

“James did an amazing job," security expert Steve Kardian told Inside Edition. "He was calm, cool, collected [and] waited to seize the moment when the gunman was reloading to attack him and prevent further carnage."

Kardian says Shaw did everything right. 

"When the gunman runs out of bullets, he has to reload, dump his magazine, grab another — that is the time when someone may run in, grab the gun, jump over it over it, drop me down and throw the gun away," Kardian said. 

Kardian compared Shaw's bravery to the three Americans who disarmed a terrorist on a Paris-bound train in 2015. 

Boards are currently covering the windows of the Waffle House where the incident took place. Cleaning crews are inside the restaurant. 

Reinking, who was on the lam following the shooting, was taken into custody Monday afternoon.

Reinking, 29, was arrested at about 2 p.m. Monday, Metro Nashville Police announced on its verified Twitter page.

"Arrested moments ago," MNPD wrote at 2:05 p.m.

Police kept concerned residents abreast of their progress during the hunt for Reinking, who was last spotted behind his apartment complex early Sunday.