Wales River Runs White With Milk After Tanker Crashes Into It

Surprisingly, a similar sloppy incident happened in Indonesia earlier this year, but that stream ran red with dye.

Got Milk? The Dulais river in Wales in the United Kingdom does. The body of water suffered a dairy deluge after a milk-filled tanker crashed into it. Now the stream has a ghostly hue.

Surprisingly, a similarly unfortunate incident happened earlier this year in Indonesia. A stream ran red with dye from the local textile industry. And even though the red tide may have looked like a scene out of “The Shining,” it didn’t seem to bother the locals too much. 

Natural Resources Wales, whose purpose is to ensure the environment and natural resources in the region are sustainably maintained and used, has said it didn’t know exactly how much dairy product spilled into the Dulais. But they remain lactose tolerant and continues to monitor the situation.

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