'Walking Dead' Actor's Presumed Suicide Reinvestigated After Family Raises Suspicion He Was Killed

Moses J. Moseley's sister tells Inside Edition she believes her brother was abducted and held for three days before being slain. Police initially said the actor died by suicide.

In a TV show filled with memorable zombies, actor Moses J. Moseley was one of the most memorable.

On “The Walking Dead,” he played a zombie "pet.” In full makeup, he made a gruesome sight, thanks to the magic of special effects. He even appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

But four weeks ago, the actor was found dead of a gunshot wound in his car in a parking lot in Stockbridge, Georgia.

Police initially called it a suicide

But his family says there is no way the 31-year-old would take his own life. Now investigators are taking a second look. 

Moseley’s sister Tiara Kimbro spoke to Inside Edition, saying she never believed her brother killed himself.

Kimbro says she spoke to her brother every day. After not hearing from him for two days, she became terrified.

“I called my dad, and I was like, ‘Daddy I don’t feel right. I don’t feel right, ‘cause he hasn’t called me, he hasn’t texted me,’ and my dad, he was like, ‘I don’t feel right either,’” Kimbro said.

Kimbro believes her brother was abducted and held for three days before being slain.

“Typically, if someone wants to commit suicide, it would be like temple or in the mouth. Neither — the bullet that entered Moses’ skull was underneath his eye,” Kimbro said.
Moseley made his first appearance in the season 2 finale of “The Walking Dead.”

Armless and without a jaw, he was led by a chain by the popular character Michonne, played by actress Danai Gurira.

On Facebook, Moseley once talked to fans about what the show meant to him.

“It was one of the biggest blessings to ever come to me, and I’m so thankful and appreciative of that,” he said.

The police captain says the case is an active investigation and all possibilities are being examined. 

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