Wallaby That Ran Across Lanes of Traffic During Police Pursuit Returned to the Wild

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A wayward wallaby has been released back into the wild after causing quite the stir in Australia last week.

The animal disrupted downtown traffic by bounding across the Sydney Harbour Bridge last week with police giving chase. 

The startled wallaby hopped across eight lanes of traffic on the bridge an hour before sunrise and then turned onto an expressway on the harbor's southern shore, near the Sydney Opera House, reports said.

The adult male was captured by police after suffering minor abrasions and was taken for treatment at a wildlife hospital in the city's Taronga Zoo.

The zoo's veterinarian, Dr. Larry Vogelnest, says after more than a week of treatment, he was happy to release it into the wild at Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park Thursday.

Swamp wallabies, which are smaller marsupials than their kangaroo cousins, are common across eastern Australia, but are rarely seen in cities.


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