As Washington Capitals Win Stanley Cup, Female Flasher in the Stands Steals the Show

The victory celebration went viral, but not for the reason one might think.

For the first time in their 44-year history, the Washington Capitals have captured the Stanley Cup, and as celebrations erupted in the arena, one sultry hockey fan clearly stood out.

It was a sea of red in the nation's capital Thursday night as the Caps took home the NHL's top prize after defeating the Las Vegas Golden Knights, 4-3.  

As team captain Alex Ovechkin paraded around the ice of Vegas' T-Mobile Arena while hoisting the Cup above his head, his teammates followed, but some were distracted as the fan, dressed in white, flashed the athletes. 

She was clearly noticed by some of the Caps players as she pulled down her dress and pushed her chest up against the glass.

Ovechkin seemed unaware of what was happening behind him, but his teammates were distracted, gawking at the woman. 

Following the huge win, hockey fans took to the streets in the nation's capital.

It was a crowd that hadn't been seen in D.C. since 1992, when the Washington Redskins won the Super Bowl.

President Trump congratulated the team Friday morning just after 4 a.m., giving a special shout-out to Ovechkin, the squad’s Russian captain.