Washington Mechanic Put on Leave After Taking Customer’s Car on 113-MPH Joyride

Mason Berger checked his dashcam after picking up his car from a repair shop and made an astonishing discovery.

A man who dropped his car off at a Washington repair shop made an astonishing discovery after checking his car camera.

Mason Berger says he had dropped off his BMW convertible at a repair shop outside Seattle for routine engine work. After picking up his vehicle, he noticed a problem with the stereo, so he checked his dashcam footage to find that a mechanic had taken his care out on a high-speed joyride.

“I was furious when I first saw this,” Berger tells Inside Edition.

Footage shows the mechanic driving away from the shop and blasting music through the car's speakers. After running two red lights, the mechanic hit the highway and drove at 113 miles an hour, footage shows.

An hour and a half after leaving the shop, video shows the mechanic pull back into the parking lot and walk back into the shop.

“I felt violated,” Berger says. “I had trusted them to do the job and do the job well, and it doesn't look like that’s what happened.”

The repair shop owner put the mechanic on two months leave without pay after seeing the video.

“I was pissed. Like really pissed. Why would you do such a thing? I mean, you’ve got to me kidding me,” repair shop owner John Crowley tells Inside Edition.

Berger is fighting to get a refund for the work done on his car, but the shop owner is refusing, saying the work was completed and done well.

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