Washington Microsoft Employee Stabs Fellow Employee in Possible Random Attack: Reports

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Vincent Labonté, 26, is now in stable condition following the vicious attack.

A Washington man stabbed his fellow Microsoft co-worker in an allegedly unprovoked attack.

Redmond Police responded to the report of an assault on Wednesday where witnesses say a man walked up to another man and began stabbing him from behind multiple times, police said

The victim was transported to the hospital after sustaining a skull fracture and over a dozen stab wounds, according to the Seattle Times. The 26-year-old victim, Vincent Labonté, is now in stable condition following the vicious attack, according to KIRO 7.

Upon investigation, police were able to identify and track the suspect, Joseph Cantrell, 27, to his apartment, Seattle Times reported. 

Cantrell refused to exit his apartment for several hours after police and SWAT arrived to execute a warrant, but he was later taken into custody on an assault charge, according to police. 

A search of Cantrell's apartment revealed bloody clothes, shoes, and a knife, according to Seattle Times.

Court documents said the victim did not know Cantrell despite them both working for Microsoft. The victim said they didn’t work in the same group or building, KING 5 reported. 

The victim was at a crosswalk when Cantrell allegedly spoke to him, but he didn’t understand what was being said and turned to walk away, according to KING 5. 

Cantrell reportedly proceeded to walk closer to the victim and shouted at him right before allegedly stabbing him in the neck and in multiple other areas across his body, KING 5 reported. 

“The defendant appears to have been prepared for this significant act of violence. He was equipped with a knife and gloves,” Senior Deputy Prosecutor Brynn Jacobson said, according to the Seattle Times. “He assaulted the victim shortly after exiting his apartment building. He then quickly returned to his residence and attempted to get rid of evidence of his involvement.”

Cantrell is currently being held in the Kings County Correctional Facility on a $2 million bond, according to jail records. He has been charged with attempted murder and assault, jail records showed. 

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