Watch a Brave Florida Cop Wrangle a Baby Gator With His Bare Hands

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A Florida cop was recently seen bravely wading into a flooded yard to wrangle a gator in a viral video that has his colleagues calling him "Crocodile Hunter."

And while Xzevies Baez is no Steve Irwin, the Cocoa Police Department officer could have easily waited for a gator wrangler instead of leaping to the rescue himself.

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File this under, "Never a dull moment," the department said in Facebook post with the video, which as of Friday morning had been viewed more than 25,000 times.

"Turns out it was a small gator in the parking lot," the department wrote. "Officer Baez, with Officer Wade narrating, entered into the ankle deep water of a flooded yard, patiently stalked his prey."

Then, with the stealth of a cat, Baez pounces.

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The whole thing is over in moments and the officer makes it look like child's play before the little guy was taken to a "bigger safer pond."

And, as the department says, "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!"