What Could Be Lurking Around Your Movie Theater Seats? Disgusting Finds Made by Inside Edition

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When you go to the movies, you expect the theater to be clean, but is that always the case?

Unfortunately, that leftover popcorn and candy can attract some unwanted guests. A mouse was spotted peeping out between the seats at one California AMC theater, while in Texas, mice were filmed running about by a moviegoer. 

So Inside Edition went searching at theaters in New York and New Jersey to see what might be found at auditoriums that are supposed to be clean. 

Discarded cups and wrappers were common finds, as were liquor and soda bottles, and in one case, a tooth flosser.

But those were among the least disgusting discoveries Inside Edition made. Tune in Friday to see what else was found behind the curtains at some theaters. 

In a statement, AMC said they work closely with pest control experts at their locations nationwide, adding that traps set by pest control vendors are a “common and effective tactic” employed by AMC and other companies to eliminate potential pest activity. They say their policy is to always clean their auditoriums after every show and they also work with professional cleaning teams for additional cleanings after business hours.


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