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After a woman and her children were killed in Colorado, Inside Edition takes a look at the heartbreaking trend of pregnant women who were murdered by their partners.

The world is mourning Aretha Franklin, who died Thursday at 76.

See how she is being remembered around the globe.

In other heartbreaking news, a Colorado man, Chris Watts, has been arrested for allegedly killing his pregnant wife and their two daughters just hours after he went on TV to plead for their safe return. Before her death, Shanann Watts gushed about her husband online.

Inside Edition also took a look at the disturbing trend of pregnant women killed by their partners.

We also spoke to the Human Fountains, who grossed out audiences with their stomach-churning act on "America's Got Talent." The friends spit out water, ketchup, mustard and raw eggs on Wednesday night's show. They revealed the origins of their bizarre act.

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