What Happened to Kimberly King? Cops Ramp Up Search for 12-Year-old Girl Missing Since 1979

Kimberly King case
Kimberly King has been missing since 1979.Handout

King vanished one September night in Michigan.

As the cold case investigation into a girl who vanished in 1979 heats back up, renewed light is being shed on the disappearance of 12-year-old Kimberly King all those years ago.

It happened on the night of Sept. 15 after Kim told her grandparents she was staying at a friend's home outside Detroit.

Instead, her friend would later recall that Kim ditched the sleepover to hang out in the town of Warren's teen cruising spot. 

The move wasn't a surprise for those who knew Kim. As her friends and sisters told C&G Newspapers, Kim was headstrong for her age.

While she'd only barely started junior high school, Kim "was like a 16-year-old now. Times were completely different," her friend Annie said.

One of Kim's sisters would be the last to ever hear from her late that summer night when she called from a pay phone and said she'd head back to her friend Annie's house.

She never made it there and no one has reportedly seeing her since.

Fast forward to spring 2018. While Kim remains missing, the case has taken on renewed vigor amid reports that police are searching a Macomb Township property for clues related to the case.

Disturbingly, it's the same property where convicted child killer Arthur Nelson Ream led police to show them where the body of Cindy Zarzycki could be found in 2008.

Ream was convicted of murdering Zarzycki, who disappeared in 1986. He is serving a life sentence, according to WJBK.

This week, police did not say whether Ream is connected to Kimberly King's disappearance. However, Warren Police were at the property along some 30 miles from where King was last seen, along with excavation equipment.

Ream's ex-wife was also reportedly at the site with authorities at some point Monday. Police have not revealed what she was doing there.

Police, who've only confirmed the investigation is connected to Kim's disappearance, were expected back at the property Tuesday.