'Clown Killer' Cold Case: Person of Interest Mike Warren Speaks to '48 Hours'

Marlene Ahrens was 20 when she married Mike Warren.
Marlene Ahrens was 20 when she married Mike Warren. CBS

The former husband of the woman shot on their front porch says he had nothing to do with her murder.

In 1990, Marlene Warren was shot to death on her front porch by someone dressed as a clown and carrying flowers. Ever since, police have considered her then-husband a person of interest.

At the time of her killing, her husband was in a car with two friends.

Mike Warren has never been charged. In fact, no one had been charged in the woman's death until last year, when Sheila Keen Warren, Mike's current wife, was arrested.

Keen Warren was picked up by cops after extensive DNA testing showed orange fibers in her home that were consistent with a clown's wig.

Mike Warren says Sheila is innocent. "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant approached Warren at his Virginia home. 

Warren did not open his front door, but spoke to Van Sant for more than seven minutes.

Asked if he had anything to do with Marlene's killing, he replied, "I did not." Asked again, he answered, "Definitely not."

He was also asked if he suggested that Sheila dress up as a clown. "Who says she even did that?" he replied. "I don't think she had anything to do with this. If I had thought she had something to do with this, I wouldn't have been with her."

Marlene's son, Joe Ahrens, who was 21 was his mom was killed, is still on Mike's mind, he said. "Tell Joe I love him very much and still think about him all the time."

Joe was sidelined by a broken leg when he heard a shot after his mother opened to the door to their Florida home. He ran, as best he could, after the shooter and saw someone in a bright orange fright wig, with white facial makeup, calmly get into a Chrysler LeBaron and drive away.

Early on in the murder investigation, an anonymous female told investigators that Mike and Sheila, who worked for him, had been seen kissing and having sex in the comply office, police said.

Both denied having an affair. But in 2002, they were married and left Florida, settling in Virginia.