What Happened to Mom Who Vanished While Hiking With Her Husband?

The family suspects foul play involved in her disappearance.
Powell Family

Sheryl Powell was reportedly found four days after husband Joe Powell said she disappeared when he left their campsite to move their car.

The mystery deepens in the case of missing hiker Sheryl Powell, who was found alive four days after disappearing.

Her husband, Joe Powell, says he and his 60-year-old wife arrived at a remote camp site in Bristlecone Pine Forest in central California Friday. He says as soon as they found the spot where they wanted to camp, he went to move their Jeep. He says he was gone for only 5-7 minutes. When he returned, he says, Sheryl was missing.

He had said he has no idea what happened to her and that she vanished along with their dog, Miley.

“If she had an injury, if she had fallen, if she bumped her head. We would have found her by now,” he told the “Today” show Monday. 

On Monday evening, Sheryl was found by searchers near the Montenegro Springs area, NBC News reported. The dog was found nearby earlier.

The couple's daughter, Farrah, had believed that her mom was abuducted, because they go camping in remote locations twice a month and are experienced and capable campers. 

"Given my mom’s experience outside and her great sense of direction, our family feels it was highly unlikely that she is still out there," she added.

The couple's son, Greg, also suspected foul play.

“They questioned some people in the area and they got some gas station footage, but I just don't know what else is being done from that standpoint,” he said. “We think that the likelihood of her being abducted by somebody else is very high.”

“Our concern is that someone was armed and forced her to walk down to a awaiting car,” Farrah said. “If she was just out there, she would get to an open area. she would get see the helicopter.”