What Happened to Nichol Olsen and Her 2 Daughters? Mystery Surrounds Texas Case Deemed Double Murder-Suicide

Nichol Olsen and her two daughters.
Nichol Olsen and her two daughters.Pinterest

Local authorities refuse to close the case, despite a coroner's ruling that the mother killed her two daughters, then herself.

Did a well-known Texas hairdresser really kill her daughters and herself two years ago after an argument with her live-in boyfriend? 

The question has perplexed Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar since Jan. 10, 2019, when deputies discovered the bloodied bodies of San Antonio hairstylist Nichol Leila Olsen, 37, and her two daughters, Alexa Denice Montez, 16, and London Sophia Bribiescas, 10.

Despite a coroner's ruling that said the shooting deaths constituted a murder-suicide, Salazar has kept the case open, and recently sent it back to detectives for further investigation.

"Calling someone the murderer of their own children is the worst thing you could ever accuse anybody of," Salazar told People this week. "I'm not ready to do that yet."

Authorities say they have no suspects at this time, but do have several persons of interest they'd like to question.

Olsen and her daughters were living with Olsen's boyfriend Charlie Wheeler in his luxury home in the gated enclave of Anaqua Springs Ranch. The two had argued before the deaths, and Wheeler said he left and spent the night at a relative's home, according to reports.

The next day, after not being able to reach Olsen, Wheeler told deputies, he came back to the house and discovered a terrible scene. 

Since the killings, the fathers of London and Alexa have each filed wrongful death lawsuits against Wheeler, alleging negligence in girls' deaths. London's father, Hector Bribiescas, claims after a lengthy argument with Olsen in which she allegedly exhibited “increasingly erratic behavior,” Wheeler left the home knowing there was an unsecured firearm in his bedside table, People reported.

Wheeler's attorney, Therese Huntzinger, says her client was "crushed" by the deaths. "Charlie has no responsibility, either criminally or civilly, in this matter," she says. "It's preposterous," the magazine reported.