What Is Lid Ptosis? Woman Says Botched Botox Injection Caused Droopy Eyelid

Whitney Buha tells Inside Edition she was concerned that the effects of the injection were permanent.

Style blogger Whitney Buha was startled when she looked in the mirror and saw one eye nearly closed, a condition known as eyelid ptosis that she says was caused by a botched Botox injection.

“I had never seen anything like this and I didn’t even know that this could even happen,” Buha told Inside Edition.

Buha even changed her hair into a peek-a-boo style to try to cover her eye.

"I just remember really panicking thinking that this could be — maybe it’s not temporary, maybe it’s permanent. Is this going to affect my vision? Is this going to have long term repercussions?” Buha said.

Dermatologist Dr. Doris Day, who did not treat Buha, says what happened to her is called lid ptosis.

“Unfortunately, what happened is that a muscle that helps lift the brow was inactivated or weakened by the way the Botox was injected, and that's gonna take a while to wear off,” Day said.

Buha says she plans to wait a while to get another Botox injection, but she can’t say she’ll never get it again.