What a Jury Says Katy Perry Stole From a Christian Rap Song to Make 'Dark Horse’

A jury found that the singer swiped the underlying beat to create her 2013 hit that earned her a Grammy nomination.

Katy Perry is on vacation in Spain, but news from America is not good for the singer, as a jury found her liable of plagiarizing her hit "Dark Horse."

A jury on Monday found that the pop star stole the underlying beat to her 2013 song that earned her a Grammy nomination. She also performed "Dark Horse" at the Super Bowl in 2015.

Christian hip-hop artist Marcus Gray, who goes by Flame, sued Perry for copyright infringement because he said the beat to “Dark Horse” sounded like his 2008 single “Joyful Noise.” 

Gray's attorneys argued that the beat and instrumental line featured through nearly half of "Dark Horse" stole from “Joyful Noise."

Before yachting in Majorca with fiance Orlando Bloom, Perry had taken the stand to defend herself during her seven-day trial in Los Angeles, testifying that she had never heard the song or heard of Gray before the lawsuit.

What happens next? The case goes into a penalty phase. The jury will decide what Perry and the other defendants must do as retribution for the copyright infringement.