What to Pack in Your Earthquake Survival Kit

Having supplies ready to go will help you be prepared for a disaster.

When an earthquake hits, there is no time to waste. Experts say you should have a survival kit ready to grab and go. 

Kurt Howard of the Los Angeles City Fire Department said “go-bags” should contain life’s essentials. 

Inside each bag should be medication, a change of clothes, a flashlight, portable radio, water and food

It should also include some things you might not think about, like a paper map, cash, hand warmers, a copy of your I.D. car and work gloves to dig yourself out or help rescue someone if necessary.

Experts say you should treat the “go-bag” like a purse and keep it by the door. When you leave the house, take it with you, keep it in your car during the day and bring it back inside at night.

The same kit can be used for other emergencies like fires and mudslides.

Howard's tips come after California was shaken by two significant earthquakes, with the bigger of the two, a 7.1 magnitude, rocking the state on Friday.

The tremor was felt from Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles to Las Vegas at an NBA summer league game.