What to Know About Justin Bieber's $35,000 Exotic Cats

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have added two new additions to their family: A pair of kittens that cost them a whopping $35,000. 

The breed, called a Savannah cat, is a cross between a domesticated house cat and a serval cat, which is a wild cat native to Africa known for its tall, slender body and large ears. 

Mike Raphael has the same kind of cat as the happy couple and he has a message to share with them. 

"It's a super cat," he told Inside Edition. 

His cat grew so big that he has to walk it on a leash, just like a dog. 

"They're very loyal, very loyal cats," he said.

They also have an amazing ability to jump, hitting heights of nearly 12 feet, Raphael said. So make sure to keep your food off your counters. 

But Bieber is taking some heat for spending so much money on the designer breed when he could have just adopted a cat from a shelter. 

PETA publicly criticized Bieber for not adopting and he hit back on social media, telling the animal rights group to "suck it."


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