What Travelers on First Flight From London to the US Since Last Year Have to Look Forward To

Inside Edition was there as the first visitors from London touched down at JFK airport in New York.

For the first time in 20 months, foreign citizens of at least 30 countries are being admitted to the United States, meaning those with loved ones abroad can be reunited and industries that depend on foreign tourists can begin to rebuild their businesses.

Inside Edition was there as the first visitors from London touched down at JFK airport in New York.

Katie Mylarz was excited to see her newborn grandson, Leo, for the first time. 

As the passengers came off the flight, they were not only greeted by cheers, but New York City cookies. In London, they celebrated the lifting of the American travel ban with jugglers, showgirls and even an Elvis impersonator.

The first two flights to the United States, via British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, took off simultaneously. Dozens of planes were seen going back and forth across the Atlantic.

But travel experts warn to expect longer lines at the airports.

“Airlines are still understaffed. Hotels are still understaffed. The TSA is still understaffed. So more travelers could mean more problems,” Pauline Frommer told Inside Edition.

The northern and southern borders also reopened Monday, and there was a traffic gridlock at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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