What's the Big Deal With Super Bowl Ads? An Expert Explains

It has to do with the exponential rise of content and content platforms, associate professor Alix Barasch of the University of Colorado, Boulder, explained.

While the majority of Americans gear up for the big game, those working behind-the-scenes have spent months preparing another major part of the show: the advertisements.

“It’s such a cultural touchpoint for Americans, but also, I would say internationally now as well,” associate professor Alix Barasch of the University of Colorado, Boulder, explained in an interview with APTN.

Part of the fascination has to do with the rise of so many different types of content, she explained.

“It's a time when the most people in the U.S. come together and watch content and it's and there's really nothing that can match it at this point, especially as we have social media and so many niche outlets that people consume,” Barasch said. “It's hard to capture so many eyeballs and so much attention at once.”

With social media comes social media influencers, who are now taking a bigger and bigger part in Super Bowl advertising.

“Having your celebrities post content as well, it's a new landscape in terms of creating content that's memorable, that people get curious about, that actually adds suspense to the commercials, not just to the outcome of the game,” said Barasch.

The pressure, however, is on for advertisers. Now more than ever, viewers expect entertainment from every form of content they consume.

“They're okay with being advertised to, but they want to get something in return,” she explained, “Having these stories, these mysteries that unfold and get revealed is a really popular strategy or tactic, and that's going to be very common this year.”

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