How to Up Your Pizza Game This Super Bowl Sunday

Ordering ahead of time and choosing takeout instead of delivery are some of the ways to ensure you have a nice, hot pizza for the big game.

Pizza is a staple at Super Bowl parties, but some are wondering if there will be enough to go around on game day.

At Upper Crust Pizzeria in Los Angeles, they expect triple their normal business — an estimated 600 to 700 pizzas.

Pizzerias like Geno’s East have been working for weeks to make sure customers have their pizzas by kickoff. 

“We just know that we need to order four times as much as we normally do. We’ll start making dough three days in advance,” the owner says.

And you should plan ahead, too.

Nick Singh, co-owner of Pop's Pizza in New York City, recommends ordering your pies ahead of time.

“We already have a very high number of pre-orders already, and it's only Friday,” Singh said.

When game time rolls around, heat it up on the stove or in the oven — not in the microwave.

“If you wanna get it crispy on the bottom, cook it on a pan. If you wanna pop it in the oven, preheat the oven to about 450, throw it in there for like two minutes and it’s ready,” Singh said.

If you can, choose pickup versus delivery.

“It saves us time, you get your order on time, you get it nice and hot right out of the oven,” Singh said.

Domino’s announced they'll tip customers $3 who choose takeout over delivery.

Party planner Marley Majcher says not to be afraid to go the frozen pizza route.

“Have the pizzas out and then have some toppings people can add like parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes. It’s a great way to dress up something and make it a little bit fancier,” Majcher said.

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