When No One Shows Up for 4-Year-Old's Birthday, Chuck E. Cheese Employees Buy Him Presents

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The look on little Evan's face just broke his mother's heart.

His mom had invited 30 children to her son's fourth birthday party and not one of them showed up at the Chuck E. Cheese parlor in New Jersey, where she had reserved space for the celebration.

"He was looking at the door. You saw the disappointment on his face," Angel Kazanis told InsideEdition.com. 

The employees felt heartsick as well.

"I immediately ran to the kitchen and was so upset," said worker Taylor Inzinna. The mother "was handling it so much better than I was. ... She held it together and never let Evan know for a second she was upset, which I think was super awesome."

But Inzinna wanted to somehow salvage Evan's huge disappointment.

She posted on Facebook her desire to give the child a party with presents. Her colleagues, family members and friends responded, and "within three to four days, I had about 13 gifts," she said.

Inzinna contacted Kazanis and said the store wanted to do something for Evan to make him feel special. Could they come back in? She didn't say a word about the gifts.

So mother and son returned.

"The day he came back in, seeing the smile on his face was everything I wanted," Inzinna said. "I had one goal that day and my goal was to make sure that he left happy. And he left going, 'Oh my God, Mom, this is the best day ever.'''

Evan's mother was again overcome when she saw how delighted her son was when presented with an avalanche of wrapped gifts.

"I was shocked. I had to keep myself from crying. I didn't want him to see how this affected me," Kazanis said. "They made him feel a million dollars, like he was the most important kid in the whole world.

"He is not going to forget it. He remembers everyone and everything."


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