Where Is Sandra Johnsen Hughes? Search Is on for Missing Woman After Abandoned Campsite and Crashed Car Found

Sandra Johnsen Hughes, 54, was last in contact with her family late last month.
Sandra Johnsen Hughes, 54, was last in contact with her family late last month.(Handout)

The 54-year-old aunt hasn't been heard from since late June and could possibly be headed toward Yosemite.

Where is Sandra Johnsen Hughes? A search is now underway for a 54-year-old aunt who went on a solo camping trip in the Sierra National Forest in California earlier this summer and hasn’t been heard from since.

Hughes had reportedly taken to Johnson Meadows in late June, her niece Ashley Macus said, but authorities came across her abandoned campsite with her identifying documents and contacted the family, the Madera County Sheriff’s Office said.

The campsite looked “quite disheveled. Things thrown about all over–almost as if her car and belongings had been emptied carelessly,” Macus said in a Facebook post shared by Madera County Sheriff’s Office. Her family had also not heard from Hughes since June 26.

It was originally believed she took off from the campsite in her car, but search teams, who have been looking for her diligently in the area, came across her car, which “appears to have been involved in a collision with a tree,” authorities said.

They also said Hughes has been spotted on foot, but authorities still have not been able to make contact with Hughes. As of Sunday, it is believed she was headed north, towards Yosemite.

Anyone with more information should contact the Madera County Sheriff’s Office.