Where Is Justin DiPietro? Lawyers Can't Find Ayla Reynolds' Father to Serve Him With Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Justin DiPietro has claimed his daughter, Ayla Reynolds, was abducted.

Maine mother is desperately trying to track down the father of her daughter to serve him with a wrongful death lawsuit. 

Shivering in the snow, Trista Reynolds pleaded for information last month about the fate of her daughter. Ayla Reynolds was just 20 months old when she vanished from the home of her father, Justin DiPietro, seven years ago.

Since then, her mother has fought hard to find out what happened to her little girl, who she believes is dead. 

“Did Ayla cry out for me? Did she wonder where I was knowing I should have been there to protect her and save her?” Reynolds said outside a Maine courthouse in December, a few weeks after she filed the suit accusing DiPietro of killing their daughter. 

“Wherever you are, one day you will have to face me and tell me the truth of what really happened to Ayla."

DiPietro has always claimed that Ayla was abducted.

Her attorneys have been trying to serve him with the wrongful death lawsuit, but he appears to have gone off the grid. The lawyers hope to question DiPietro under oath about what happened to the child. 

The suit “demands judgment and damages against Justin DiPietro” and alleges Reynolds has “suffered damages as a result of Ayla's wrongful death, including but not limited to professional fees and expenses that were required to petition the Probate Court for a presumption of death order; emotional distress; loss of comfort society and companionship; and other pecuniary injuries,” ABC News reported.

But most importantly, it is a tool to find out what happened to Ayla, Reynolds and her attorney, William Childs, said. 

“[The lawsuit is about] trying to find out how Ayla was killed, why Ayla was killed and where Ayla was killed,” Childs said.