Was Casey Kasem Murdered? Children Blame His Widow, She Says It Was Them

Kasem's daughter Kerri spoke to "48 Hours" about her father's death.

Was legendary DJ Casey Kasem murdered?

Kasem's daughter Kerri, who is embroiled in a long-running feud with his widow, Jean, spoke out to “48 Hours” on CBS, claiming her stepmother killed her father.

“What she did led to his death,” Kerri says in the upcoming episode. 

But Jean claims that just the opposite is true. “They killed my husband,” Jean told Inside Edition last year.

The children have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against their stepmother, while Jean has counter-sued for the same reasons.

Jean and her stepchildren have been at each other’s throats for years. In one bizarre showdown before Kasem died, Jean threw raw meat at Kerri. And Inside Edition was at the Kasem mansion in Bel Air, California, last year when movers showed up unannounced to take property from the house. Jean was on crutches with a broken foot at the time.

Inside Edition spoke to "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant, who said that police in Washington State, where Kasem died in 2014, have launched an investigation.

"I can tell you today that they have launched an investigation into the circumstances of Casey Kasem’s death. They are not calling it yet a murder investigation,” he said. “This is significant, almost five years after his death.” 

Both sides in the Kasem family feud are due to face each other in court next year.

“If someone killed your father, wouldn't you want justice?” Kerri says in the special. “I want her in jail.”

The “48 Hours” special "The Mysterious Death of Casey Kasem" airs Saturday.