White Tiger Cub Born at Sanctuary, Weeks After Pregnant Mom Was Rescued

The cub, Kylo Ren, is now receiving round-the-clock care by veterinarians.

A white tiger cub has been born at a Texas wildlife sanctuary, just weeks after his pregnant mom was rescued from the wild.

Mom Zahra, a white tiger, and her mate Assad, a snow white tiger, were rescued by In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center in Wylie in January.

According to the sanctuary, “they were living in a barren field, with no people around, no people in sight and no toys, pools or other enrichment.”

As the mated pair settled into their new life in the sanctuary, veterinarians discovered Zahra was already pregnant when she arrived.

She gave birth to a white tiger cub veterinarians named Kylo Ren earlier this month and the newborn could be seen in photos posted to their Facebook page, barely able to open his little eyes.

Although the shelter said Zahra cleaned her cub off after birth and did not show any aggression toward the newborn, the new mom also did not nurse him or respond to his cries.

That’s when veterinarians stepped in, and hand reared little Kylo Ren with round-the-clock care.

Veterinarians will continue to care for little Kylo Ren in private until he reaches 3 months old. He will then be introduced to the outdoor sanctuary, where he will be able to play in the pool and enjoy a variety of toys.