Who Is the Brave Dog That Helped Take Down ISIS Leader?

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The Delta Force dog that cornered the leader of ISIS before his death has become America’s favorite animal. 

President Trump declassified a photo of the dog, but his name remains classified, leaving Americans to make up their own.

Some have called the K-9 “Sgnt. Classy” and “Rambone,” while the New York Post front page calls it “Zero Bark Thirty," a play on the title of the film about the famous raid of Osama bin Laden's compound.

The Delta Force dog is a Belgian Malinois and is one of the smartest and bravest breeds in the world. They undergo rigorous training nearly from birth. They even parachute into combat with their handlers.

Inside Edition spoke with Robert O'Neill, the former Navy SEAL credited with firing the shot that killed bin Laden in the raid by SEAL Team Six in 2011. 

“The dog will go in first. The dog wears a camera usually and we can monitor the camera,” he said. “The dog can go in there and tell you, based on smell, there's a bomb in here get out.” 

O’Neill and the SEAL Team Six team also had a dog with them on the bin Laden raid. That dog's name was also classified but later revealed to be Cairo.

“Cairo had actually been shot before with an AK-47 in the chest and lived,” O’Neill said. “That's saying something! We brought him because of his nose. Because we knew if someone tried to escape Bin Laden's compound he could find him and he'd catch him and hold him down until we got there.”

Cairo retired after the bin Laden raid and died peacefully at age 12. 


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