Why a Homeowner Paid $1 Million to Move a Historic Mansion by Barge

Christian Neeley wanted a Georgian mansion by the water, so he bought one and moved it there.

You've never seen a moving day like this. 

A 4,000-square-foot house was transported via river on a barge. Why, you ask?

Owner Christian Neeley wanted a Georgian mansion by the water in Maryland, but he struggled to find the perfect property already there. So he bought one somewhere else and moved it there from 50 miles away. The whole process took about 19 days from start to finish. 

Inside Edition reporter Alison Hall got a tour of the home. 

"What is so special about this house?" she asked Neeley. 

"It's a piece of American history, the craftsmanship you just don't see today," he replied. 

The home has four bedrooms and seven fireplaces. 

But best of all? The view. 

"This house is staying put!" he declared.