Garbage Is Piled So High at This Hoarder's House It's Known as 'Filth Avenue'

Neighbors said they're sick of the sight.

One Queens, New York, resident has a tower of trash in front of her home and it is driving her neighbors crazy. 

The piles of garbage in the South Jamaica home are so large, they can be seen on Google Earth., prompting the New York Post to dub the street "Filth Avenue." 

The woman who lives there, Carminee Bhimull, fights a daily war of words with her neighbors as the mess piles up. 

There are beer bottles, cans, water bottles and more lining the area, which Bhimull claims is recycling. There are also piles of clothes, food, flowers and cats. The trash tower in front of the home reaches 10 feet in some areas. 

Neighbors say this is more than an eyesore but a health hazard. 

“What are you talking about, an eyesore?” Bhimull told Inside Edition when asked about the complaints.  

There are also unpaid citations handed out by the city of New York that total a mind-boggling $343,000 in fines since 2015.

When Inside Edition was there, an enforcement agent from New York City's Sanitation Department literally begged her to clean up. 

“The next time I come back, it's going to be tickets. You know that. Please, I’m begging you. Clean up!” the official said.

In the back alley of the home, rugs are thrown to the ground in front of another pile of garbage. 

The house is becoming a tourist attraction, but people are sick of the sight and smell. 

“It's a fire hazard! If a fire starts right there, you can imagine! It's going to burn the house down,” one neighbor told Inside Edition. 

When asked what she thought of her neighbor’s complaints, Bhimull said, “Just back off and let me live! Let me live!”

During a wellness check Wednesday afternoon, cops took Bhimull away in an ambulance.