Why Chanel Miller, Brock Turner's Victim, Wants You to Know Her Name Now

Until now, Chanel Miller was known only as Emily Doe.

Chanel Miller has come forward to reveal herself as the victim of Stanford swimmer Brock Turner.

“In newspapers, my name was 'unconscious, intoxicated woman.' Ten syllables and nothing more than that,” she told “60 Minutes” in an episode airing Sunday, Sept. 22. 

Until now, Miller was known only as "Emily Doe," keeping her name private as a sexual assault victim
Turner was found guilty of sexual assault in 2016. He faced a maximum sentence of 14 years, but the judge sentenced him to just six months in jail, of which he only served three months, sparking national outrage. 

Turner now lives with his parents in Ohio, where he reportedly works at a factory making $12 an hour.

Miller has written a book about her story called “Know My Name.” 

“You cannot give me back the life I had,” she tearfully told “60 Minutes.”