Why Did This Ohio Mother of 2 Turn to Stealing Packages?

Melissa Bergman, a U.S. Army veteran, was sentenced to 90 days in jail for the crime spree.

An affluent suburban mom found herself in the arms of the law after being caught as a porch pirate in Ohio. 

Melissa Bergman went on a two-day spree of stealing packages from outside front doors in July 2017 before she was apprehended.

“I'm not supposed to talk about it at all,” she told Inside Edition.

The mom of two lived in a home that cost nearly $500,000 in Mason, Ohio, when she embarked on her spree. Cops say she got in her car and picked a house not far from hers, where she was caught by a security camera during a package-theft blitz.

Bergman did nothing to shield her identity when she stole those packages so it was easy for police to find her.

Neighbors were shocked to see her getting arrested with her children in the car.

According to the police report, Bergman had "numerous unopened packages in the passenger seat.... She admitted she had stolen all of them over the last several hours."

She was charged with 12 counts of theft. Cops recovered clothing, headphones, an inflatable mattress and other items. 

Casey Budd is one of those who had a parcel stolen from outside his home. His fiancée had ordered a tiara from Amazon for their destination wedding.

“She's in broad daylight doing this and she expected not to get caught,” Budd told Inside Edition. 

Bergman, 30, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. An Army veteran, she said she may have been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from her time in Afghanistan.

Bergman was found guilty and sentenced to 30 days in jail this past July. 

She posted a lengthy apology on Facebook, saying, "I am extremely sorry for all the hurt, anger and fear I have caused.”

“If anyone wants me to apologize in person I would be more than happy to do so,” she added. 

Budd believes that Bergman “maybe was bored."

Inside Edition tried to get some answers from Bergman, but though she said she wanted to talk, she was told she was unable to do so. 

“I was willing to do an interview, but [the judge] said no or I’d get sanctioned. He doesn't want me doing anything. I'm sorry,” she said. 

“You have expressed some regret on Facebook though?” Inside Edition Senior Correspondent Les Trent asked her. 

She replied in the affirmative, then shook his hand and closed the door.