Why Does Iowa City Smell Like Poop? Because Manure Is in the Air

An entire Iowa city reeks of poop, thanks to manure spread at nearby farms.

Eww, that smell, asked the residents of Des Moines, what in the world is that?

The Iowa city has been overrun by the putrid smell of ... well, poop. As in manure. 

It seems this happens in the central part of the state when farmers to the north harvest their crops and then cover their fields in a fine film of animal waste. 

City residents took to social media to complain about the odious odor permeating downtown. 

SuAnn Donovan, a city inspector, says this happens from time to time. "We had this happen about this time last year," she told KCCI-TV.

She and another employee followed their noses to determine the foul odor's location and ended up in farm country that was topped with fertilizer. When the wind is strong, the terrible stink wafts right over the capital metro area.

"Welcome to Iowa," one resident told the station.