Why El Paso Hero Was Arrested by Secret Service Agents When He Showed Up to Get Award: Report

Chris Grant was supposed to be honored at the White House Monday, but was reportedly arrested because of an outstanding criminal warrant.

A man who was hailed a hero during the Walmart shooting in El Paso, Texas, this summer isn’t "accurate," according to police.

From his hospital bed, Chris Grant told CNN he drew the gunman's fire by throwing bottles at him.

Grant was later praised by President Trump at a White House ceremony for the heroes of El Paso and Dayton shootings, which took place on the same weekend. He was missing from the ceremony at which the president awarded him a certificate of heroism, but his mother accepted the award on her son’s behalf. 

“Chris suffered two very serious gunshot wounds, but he is recovering well and we wish him the best,” Trump said at the time.

But now it seems there might be a very different reason as to why Grant was absent.

Grant was reportedly taken into custody by the Secret Service when he showed up at the White House to be admitted to the ceremony. He reportedly has an outstanding warrant for his arrest issued in Texas. 

There are also growing credibility issues about Grant's claims of heroism. The account he gave to CNN was "inaccurate," El Paso police said in a statement.

"Police detectives have reviewed hours of surveillance footage of the scene. The video evidence of the scene does not support Mr. Grant’s assertions. His actions were captured by surveillance cameras, and they are not as described by Mr. Grant,” they said in a statement. 

Grant can be seen in video during the shooting, but cops say his actions "amount to an act of self-preservation and nothing above that."

“Nobody bothered to check with us,” El Paso police spokesman Enrique Carrillo told the Washington Examiner. “They would have been informed, as I am telling you now, that our detectives reviewed hours of video and his actions did not match his account.”

Grant was later released. Twenty two people were killed in the Walmart shooting, another 24 were wounded. A 21-year-old man is charged with capital murder.