Why Mom Worked to Free Man Convicted of Killing Her Daughter: Today on Inside Edition

Carol Dodge didn't believe Christoper Tapp was behind her daughter's murder, and her tenacity ended up getting him freed from prison after two decades.

A man wrongfully convicted of murder has been freed after decades behind bars. But what's more remarkable is who he considered his champion: The victim's mother. 

Christopher Tapp was charged with and convicted of Angie Dodge's murder. But Carol Dodge, Angie's mother, always had her doubts. How she worked to free him.

What began with an Oklahoma cop pulling over a woman for a broken tail light ended with the cop Tasing her after she refused to sign the ticket and drove away when he tried to arrest her. Watch the insane bodycam footage here.

Bachelorette Hannah Brown faced a shocking betrayal from contestant Jed Wyatt. How she's moving on and why she doesn't want a show do-over.

And a bailiff famous for his role on TV's "Justice for All" is accused of killing his own wife

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