Will the Roaring '20s Make a Comeback After COVID-19 Recovery?

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The roaring twenties were a time of men in tuxedos and women in flapper dresses partying like there's no tomorrow. Now, get ready for a flashback.

“We're gonna have a post-pandemic period that in some ways, I think, will resemble the roaring twenties of a century ago,” Yale professor Nicholas Christakis told Inside Edition.

His new book, “Apollo's Arrow: The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live,” predicts that it will take time, but in the years following COVID recovery, America will come roaring back to life, just as it did after the 1918 flu pandemic.

“People will relentlessly seek out social opportunities. They will go to nightclubs and restaurants. They will go to political events and sporting events. They will go to concerts,” Christakis said. “We might see some increase in sexual licentiousness and people seeking out sexual opportunities. I mean, people will have been cooped up for a very long time. Spending will be liberalized. People will start spending money again.”


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