Wisconsin Woman Disappeared After Sending Eerie Text: 'He's Gonna Kill Me...'


She moved to Colorado less than a month before her disappearance.

A Wisconsin woman disappeared after sending an eerie last text message over the summer.

Stacey Morris said her friend, Erin Vandewiele, sent her a text on July 8 that read, “He’s gonna kill me if I don’t get away from him today.”

That was the last time Morris ever heard from Vandewiele, she told ABC News.

Vandewiele, 40, had reportedly moved from Wisconsin to Colorado less than a month earlier with a man named Joseph Mayer.

Vandewiele also sent other friends in the week after, saying she was sleeping at a railroad station, Morris said.

"It's killing me that I don't know where she is," Mandi Schmidt, her sister, told the station. "She always kept in contact with somebody. It's not like her to not let her kids know where she is. We just really miss her."

Schmidt told the station that Vandewiele's personal belongings were found in a hotel in Denver and her ID and social security card were found on a bus.

Denver Police Department are also participating in the search for Vandewiele, asking anyone with information to contact them.

Mayer was arrested in Aug. 19 for starting a fire in a creek in Colorado and police realized he was already wanted by Wisconsin authorities on drug and burglary charges, authorities said.

He was then extradited and currently remains in jail.