Wisconsin Woman Shocked to Learn New Next-Door Neighbor Is Her Long-Lost Sister

The two women share a lot more than a common driveway.

A Wisconsin woman was beside herself as she learned her new next-door neighbor was her long-list sister in an astonishing twist of fate.

Hillary Harris of Eau Claire, was turned off by her new neighbor at first. The two homeowners shared a driveway, but the neighbors did not have a good relationship.

"She would not acknowledge me whatsoever," the new neighbor said. "She'd go into the house."

But for some reason, the new neighbor felt a bond with Harris' 5-year-old daughter, Stella.
Little by little, Hillary's husband, Lance, got to know the new neighbor. He found out her name was Dawn and she came from Greenwood, Wisconsin. Hillary, who was adopted as a baby, had learned from her adoption papers that she had a sister by the name of Dawn Johnson from Greenwood.

While all those similarities seemed like a strange coincidence, a final piece of the puzzle came when she learned her neighbor's last name was Johnson.

It wasn't long before the two women discovered they shared a lot more than a common driveway.

"I knew it had to be my sister," Hillary said. 

Dawn added: "I could not believe my sister was living right next door to me. [It was] magical and wonderful."

The women have since been comparing similarities like hair, chin and foreheads.

It's a lesson in always being kind to your neighbor, because you never know who might be related to you.