Woman Arrested After Allegedly Showing Up for Jury Duty with Cocaine in Her Pocket

Pasco County Sheriff's Office
Pasco County Sheriff's Office

She allegedly said she forgot it was there.

A Florida juror allegedly showed up to jury duty with cocaine in her pocket and left in handcuffs.

Kristine Victoria Mittler, 39, went to the West Pasco Judicial Center on Monday afternoon to report for jury duty when she set off a metal detector.

Mittler was searched and was found with two folded foil packets in the pocket of her cargo pants that had white powder inside, WFLA reported.

A test confirmed that the powder was cocaine, reports said.

Pasco County deputies also said they found a straw that tested positive for methamphetamine.

Mitler reportedly told police she forgot the drugs were in her pocket.

Police said Mittler had not been officially chosen as a juror when the incident happened.

She faces drug possession charges and possession of drug paraphernalia.