Woman Battles Ex-Husband in Court Over Gifted Boudoir Photos of Her

After Lindsay Marsh filed for divorce, her ex-husband demanded she turn over four photo albums, including intimate pics of her shot during a boudoir photoshoot for her husband when they were still married.

A woman is battling her ex-husband in court over the boudoir photos she gave to him as a gift while they were still married.

Lindsay Marsh says she posed nude and in lingerie in the pictures. 

After their marriage crumbled and Marsh filed for divorce, her ex demanded she turn over four photo albums, including the intimate boudoir photos of her. 

“I was like, this is really bizarre and odd and inappropriate,” Marsh said. “That is my body. That is my property. It belongs to nobody else."

The ex has now backed off, saying he'd settle for the romantic notes his ex-wife wrote in the albums, such as, “Love is not about how much you say I love you but how much you prove that it's true." 

“Mr. Marsh is not asking for any nude or pornographic photographs. Not at all. His main focus was the inscriptions, not the photographs,” the ex-husband’s attorney said in court. 

“A lot of these inscriptions are written over the photographs,” Lindsay responded.

“They're things that a wife wrote to her husband. Like, you know, they're intimate, they're personal. And he knows that and he knows I wouldn't want him to have those,” Lindsay told Inside Edition.

The divorce judge has now ruled that Lindsay can edit the photos to cover up all the intimate images. 

“I still feel like it was inappropriate,” Lindsay said.

Los Angeles photographer Christa Meola, who specializes in boudoir photography, has been following the case.

“I was very surprised that a judge ruled in that way. I don't think any woman judge would have ever ruled that way,” Meola said. 

As for the originals? “There’s going to be a burning party. I’m going to burn them,” Lindsay said. 

Lindsay was ordered to keep the photos until December, in case her ex objects to the alterations.  

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