Woman Breaks Down in Tears After Reuniting With Dog That Was Missing for 3 Weeks

The dog survived a fatal off-roading accident.

It's an emotional reunion between a goldendoodle and his owner after the dog was thought to be lost forever in the wilderness.

Video shows a traumatized 1-year-old pup Bentley, hesitantly walking toward his owner after wandering the Rocky Mountains for nearly three weeks. 

Despite being dehydrated and malnourished, he recognized his mommy and Bentley went into her arms.

Samantha Orr, 21, was overwhelmed with relief, crying at the sight of him. 

Bentley had been lost after a horrific crash while off-roading.

Video shows their Jeep traveling up a mountain along on a treacherous and bumpy path. Bentley was riding in the backseat as Samantha was in the passenger seat and her mom was driving. 

Moments later, the Jeep plunged 600 feet down a cliff. 

Samantha's mother was killed and the college student suffered rib and back injuries.

Bentley was ejected and spent the next 19 days wandering around, lost and trying to survive.

“I am just so grateful for everybody who helped,” the student said as tears streamed down her face. 

Her family posted flyers asking for help finding the dog, which caught the attention of Joseph Stratmann, who saw the poster and drove for hours to help with the search.

He spotted the dog way up on the mountain and brought Samantha to the location.

"He's safe and he's coming home," she said. "I am so happy. He just warms my heart, feels like home again."