Woman Diagnosed With Rare Condition Can Hear Her Heart Beat and Eyes Move

Tenika Nicotra can hear her eyes move.
Tenika Nicotra is a nail technician in Australia. Facebook

A nail technician in Australian says she has been diagnosed with a rare medical condition that allows her to hear her heart and eyes move. Tenika Nicotra, 24, says doctors told her for years there was nothing wrong with her.

But the woman has now been diagnosed with Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome (SCDS). Side effects include being able to hear her heart beat, and the movement of her eyes.

She first notice something odd three years ago when giving a friend a manicure. She thought one of her ears was stopped up, she said.

"I thought it would unblock, but when I got home that night I realized that I was hearing was my heartbeat," she told Daily Mail Australia.

"It was a constant sensation and it was quite loud which made it difficult to sleep. It was really depressing," she said.

The sound of her heartbeat ebbed, but then came a new noise, she said. "I realized it would grow louder when I moved my eyes around left to right and up and down,' she said. "That is when I put two and two together that I could hear my eye balls."

She described it as "exactly like the sound you would get if you rolled marbles on a wooden floor."

Invasive brain surgery is one treatment option, but Nicotra said she would rather manage the condition herself.

She shared her story to encourage others to advocate for their own health issues.

"It was really frustrating and lonely at the time, but now I know, how were they were supposed to diagnose me if they didn't know,'' she said.


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